Nothing makes you feel more like a sports star than drinking an ice cold Gatorade! Even if you never even watch sports, a sports drink in your hand makes you feel capable. Like if someone randomly shoved a football in your hands, you could make it down the street, pass the trash cans, and into the imaginary end zone. We enjoy sports drinks so much that we take people pouring them on us as a sign of victory. When we are there, we would smile a big smile and show everyone our terrible looking tee[...] Read more

Affordable Dental Health

Is dental health becoming more of a problem in the current day? It seems like more and more people are putting off going to the dentist for various reasons. Rather it is a fear of the dentist or fear of affording the operation, people are just choosing to live with tooth decay and other dental problems instead of fixing the issue. It is understandable that we would want to spend the money on something else and just avoid that seemingly unaffordable dental work, but it simply is not a good idea. [...] Read more

Career in Dentistry

Are you a high school student or college freshman, or even a college sophomore or dare I say it, junior in college who still hasn’t found that perfect fit when it comes to your career path? Don’t worry, if you’re still struggling to find the career that’s right for you, you are not alone. Many of us struggle to find that perfect puzzle piece in many important areas of our lives. Choosing a career path will be one of the biggest choices you make in your lifetime, next to choosing your fut[...] Read more

Valentine’s Day Breath


The week of love has arrived. For many that doesn’t mean much, just another week. For others it’s a day where affection will be shown. Even though gum and mints can help out for a while, the minty breath won’t last for long. Gum and mint work much better when they maintain, not try to cover up. Maintaining not only involves good mouth cleaning habits, it’s also a direct correlation with your diet. Here are some tips to prepare you for that romantic night you will have with your valentine[...] Read more

Health of Your Teeth

Well, folks, it’s that time again. The holidays have ended, and it’s time for the kiddos to head back to school. But before you send the children off into the care of their teachers, it’s time to check off one last little thing on your end of the holidays to-do list: a cleaning. With the end of the holidays, let’s take a moment to examine the foods that we may or may not have consumed in the past few months: cookies, pies, turkeys, and ham, to name a few. These delicious foods bring happ[...] Read more

iTero® Digital Scanner for Invisalign® Treatment

Here at Drs. Costello and Drake we are pleased to now offer the iTero® digital scanner for Invisalign® treatment! This investment in technology will only help improve upon our philosophy of excellent service to our patients.  The scanner will now give us the ability to scan your teeth digitally without the use of impression molds. That’s exciting!  Many patients (and this may include you) have significant gag reflexes and therefore have trouble taking impressions for Invisalign®. [...] Read more

Christmas Candy and Your Teeth

Let’s be honest...when we think of holidays, sure we think of family gatherings, presents, nestled under the tree, and singing Christmas carols with loved ones. But we also think of sugar. That’s right. When the presents are all unwrapped, and the tattered paper has been tossed in a pile, the first thing we reach for is the candy that Santa has stuffed in our Christmas socks. Chocolate-shaped Santas, Reese’s Christmas trees, and marshmallowy treats are just a few of the popular sugary deli[...] Read more